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World’s oldest wine, containing man’s ashes, discovered in Spain


NEW DELHI: Researchers have discovered what is believed to be the world’s oldest wine in a cave in southern Spain. This remarkable discovery sheds new light on the history of winemaking, suggesting that the ancient tradition may have begun much earlier than previously thought.
As per an NBC news report, the wine, found in ancient pottery jars, dates back over 4,000 years, making it the oldest known evidence of winemaking in the world.This surpasses previous discoveries in regions like Georgia and Armenia, which were once thought to be the cradles of early viticulture.
Archaeologist Dr María Pérez, who led the excavation, expressed her excitement about the find, saying, “This discovery is not only significant for Spain but also for our understanding of the spread and development of winemaking in human history. The chemical analysis of the residue in the jars confirms the presence of tartaric acid, a key indicator of grape wine.”
The site, located in the region of Andalusia, has been a treasure trove of ancient artifacts, but this discovery of wine has captured the imagination of historians and wine enthusiasts alike. The jars were found in a well-preserved state, buried deep within the cave, which helped protect their contents from the ravages of time.
Dr Pérez and her team believe that this ancient wine production was likely part of a larger cultural and social practice. “The production and consumption of wine would have been a significant aspect of social and ritual life for these ancient communities,” she explained.
The release further explained that the discovery of a man’s skeletal remains submerged in wine was not a mere coincidence. It highlighted the historical context, noting, “Women in ancient Rome were long prohibited from drinking wine. It was a man’s drink.”
This find not only highlights the long history of human ingenuity in agriculture and fermentation but also underscores the cultural importance of wine through the ages.

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