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Watch: Florida man uses alligator’s teeth to open beer can in viral clip


A video featuring a man from Florida enticing an alligator towards a boat to crack open a beer can has gone viral across various social media platforms. The footage shows the man reaching over the boat’s edge, holding the can in his hand as the alligator approaches him in the water.
After placing his hand in the water to attract the alligator’s attention, the small but lethal creature can be seen floating in close proximity to the Florida man.

The man then utilizes the alligator’s sharp teeth to puncture the can, eliciting enthusiastic cheers from the other individuals on the boat. The razor-sharp teeth of the alligator easily punctured the beer can, opening it instantly. Following this, another passenger proceeds to rapidly consume the beer.
The half-minute video demonstrated the unconventional method he employed to open his beer can using the alligator’s mouth.
The video quickly went viral on social media, with X users commenting on the incident. A user commented, “Florida Man is why America can never be defeated”. Another user commented “The alligator looked like he knew his job. Came over, bit down and swam a way”.

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