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Viral Video: Woman compared to Hawk Tuah girl for ice-cream video. Then this happened


Annie, a TikTok user, slammed a sports channel for showing her and her friend having ice cream at the 2024 Men’s College World Series final. She said she got compared to the viral ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl because the channel sexualized her clip baiting “Internet creeps”. The woman in her fiery video against the channel said the channel showed the two women having ice-cream for 20 dedicated seconds.“It was a 20-second segment of just us licking our ice cream,” she says. “Twenty seconds. Dedicated. With commentary. To just us eating our ice cream. We all knew what direction that video was going to head in. And lo and behold, the creeps of TikTok got ahold of it. Because we woke up getting compared to the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl. Which, no shade to her. Girl, do whatever,” Annie said.

“I didn’t really want to come on here and just rage, but it is so beyond evident that women are not welcome in the sports world,” she said. “Not that I have to justify why me and my best friend decided to go to the national championship game—because it’s cool.” In her video, she said it was so extremely hot outside that their ice cream melted more quickly than anticipated. “Then people sit back and wonder why don’t women feel comfortable in these environments?” Annie said. “It’s crazy. It’s like we can’t sit and eat our food in peace.”
The woman who is now tipped to replace the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl according to TikTokers said she was getting texts from friends and families who said they were excited to see her on TV. “But what’s not a fun thing is to get text messages from other friends of disgusting people making TikToks about you,” she said. “Because what is funnier than a woman licking an ice cream cone or eating a hot dog or something that can be overly sexualized.”

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