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Vienna Restaurant Mogul: ‘Why Muslim dish names’: Indian man recounts experience in Vienna restaurant


An Indian man took to X to recount his recent experience with Indians abroad at a Mughal-themed Indian restaurant where a group of Indians — some elderly people — almost harassed the restaurant owner asking why the dish names were Muslim while it was an Indian restaurant.
“I keep reading about Indian tourists causing a scene (like the Kenya safari tweet thread recently), and got to experience it first hand today.Went to an Indian restaurant in Vienna today after 10+ days of no Indian food, and it looked beautiful from the outside,” Arnav Gupta wrote describing his experience.
The restaurant is named Mogul and is owned by a 30-year-old Punjabi born and brought up in Vienna. His parents have been running this place since 37 years, the long post read.

“They tries to lecture the owners about how it is wrong to have Mughal paintings in an Indian restaurant and why do they have Muslim dish names in a supposedly ‘Indian’ restaurant. And the owner and his mother gracefully handled it, but were hurt by it of course,” the user wrote,
“The owner was telling how awkward this is because his chef is not Indian or Hindu and how the entire cuisine (that the group of people making scene, had already relished eating) which they serve exists because of Mughals and Nawabs and the historical fusion of cultures in India…We talked to his mother who was telling how when they started this place 37 years ago, none of these problems existed and they couldn’t imagine someone will come and have have an issue with an Indian restaurant, literally called “Moghul cuisine” having paintings of Mughal kings. Like honestly you’ve come travelling to a country – just enjoy the sights, have fun man. Why on earth do you think you have the moral authority to tell restaurant owners how they want to decorate their restaurants,” the rest of the post read.
“Imagine trying this shit on some German or Austrian restaurant owners, you’ll get your ass handed to you, with a dozen German expletives too probably. And these Indian uncles will never have the balls to say anything to white people anyway. You see other desis and suddenly feel like you have the moral authority to lecture them, like back in India,” Arnav wrote.
The post gained a lot of attention as an Indian user wrote: “So, u r saying German and others should love it if I open a “German restaurant” and put up the large paintings of Hitler there?”

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