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US top court upholds law that disarms domestic abusers


US top court upholds law that disarms domestic abusers
Justice Clarence Thomas, author of the majority opinion in the 2022 decision, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, was the only dissenter

WASHINGTON: The US Supreme Court ruled Friday that the government can take guns away from people subject to restraining orders for domestic violence, limiting the sweep of a blockbuster decision in 2022 that had vastly expanded Second Amendment rights.
Indeed, Friday’s decision amounted to a retreat from what had been an unbroken series of major rulings favouring gun rights that started in 2008, when the court first recognized an individual constitutional right to keep firearms in the home for self-defense.
In the 2022 decision, the court established a right to carry guns outside the home and announced a new test to assess all sorts of gun control laws, one that looked to historical practices to judge their constitutionality. That new test has sown confusion in the lower courts, with some judges striking down laws that had been on the books for decades.
The case decided Friday, United States v. Rahimi, asked whether a Texas man could be prosecuted under federal law making it a crime for people subject to domestic violence restraining orders to possess guns. Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the majority in the 8-1 decision, said the answer was yes and that Second Amendment rights have limits.

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