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US man arrested for attempting to drown his children at Connecticut beach


A 42-year-old man from Queens, New York, identified as Romney Desronvil, was taken into custody by authorities after allegedly attempting to drown his children at a Connecticut beach in the early hours of Saturday morning, reported FOX News.
The West Haven Police department released a statement describing the incident as a “heinous act” that occurred just after 2:30 am.A patrolling officer in the area heard “significant screaming” coming from the water near an SUV parked on the beach.
“As the officer approached, he heard significant screaming taking place from the water,” the Police Department said. “As he continued towards this commotion, it was apparent an adult male and two small children were in the water.”
When the officer entered the water to intervene, the suspect reportedly moved further into Long Island Sound with his children, shouting, “Stay back!” at the officer. The Police department stated, “It was obvious at this point that the male…was deliberately drowning his children.”
Additional officers and members of the West Shore Fire Department joined the rescue effort, utilizing the West Shore Fire boat to reach the suspect and children, who were nearly 100 yards away from the shore.
The children were successfully recovered by the officers and immediately transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention. As of Saturday morning at 9 a.m., both children were reported to be in the intensive care unit.

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