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UK election: What are Labour’s foreign policy plans?


Britain’s Labour Party is anticipated to win Thursday’s national election, marking a return to power after 14 years in opposition, with Keir Starmer set to become the new prime minister.
Foreign Policy Plans:
European Union: Labour commits to staying outside the EU, without rejoining the single market, customs union, or allowing free movement of people.The party aims to reset and deepen ties with the EU by reducing trade barriers and negotiating agreements on veterinary standards and professional qualifications. It also seeks a new UK-EU security pact and bilateral agreements with key allies like France and Germany.
ECHR: Labour ensures Britain remains a member of the European Convention on Human Rights.
NATO: The party reaffirms its strong commitment to NATO and plans to collaborate with allies to strengthen and reform NATO and other multilateral institutions like the UN, G7, and G20.
Russia/Ukraine: Labour pledges continued support for Ukraine, advocating for a Special Tribunal for the Crime of Aggression against Russia and the repurposing of frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine. It also supports Ukraine’s NATO membership path.
Middle East: Labour prioritizes long-term peace in the Middle East, pushing for a Gaza ceasefire, hostages’ release, adherence to international law, and increased aid. The party commits to recognizing a Palestinian state to support a two-state solution.
United States: Labour views the US as an indispensable ally, vital for security and prosperity. The party plans to maintain cooperation on shared values and interests, including economic, defense, and intelligence matters.
China: Labour promises a strategic approach to relations with China, focusing on cooperation, competition, and necessary challenges. It aims to enhance understanding and response to China’s challenges and opportunities, and support the Hong Kong community in the UK.
India: Labour seeks a new strategic partnership with India, encompassing a free trade agreement and deeper cooperation in security, education, technology, and climate change.
AUKUS: The party supports the AUKUS security partnership with Australia and the US, aiming to maximize its economic and security benefits for Britain.
Falklands and Gibraltar: Labour vows to protect the sovereignty and self-determination rights of British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, including the Falklands and Gibraltar.
International Development: Labour commits to restoring development spending to 0.7% of gross national income as soon as fiscal conditions allow.
Trade: Labour plans to pursue new free trade agreements and sector-specific deals to boost services exports. It also supports modernizing trade rules and agreements and implementing the OECD global minimum corporate tax rate to ensure fair taxation of multinational tech companies.

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