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Trump tells Biden to ‘get the hell out of here’ in first post-debate speech


In a campaign rally held in Virginia, Donald Trump celebrated his performance in the first 2024 presidential debate against Joe Biden. Trump claimed that the upcoming is not about Biden‘s ability to “survive a 90-minute debate” but rather about America‘s survival under another four years of his presidency.
Throughout his speech, Trump repeated false statements about various issues, including abortion, immigration, climate change, and the 2020 election.He told Biden that the country “doesn’t want” him and to “get the hell out of here.”
He suggested that Biden is not leaving the presidential race. “Many people are saying after last night’s performance that Joe Biden is leaving the race, but the fact is I don’t believe that,” said Trump.
Trump also claimed that Biden got the debate rules, date, network, and moderators he wanted, implying that Biden was attempting to rig the debate.
Trump continued to paint a grim picture of America, repeating lies about doctors killing babies after birth and making unfounded allegations about immigrants taking jobs from Black and Hispanic Americans. He dismissed rising sea levels as an opportunity for “waterfront property” and claimed that global warming is “fine.” Trump also boasted about his knowledge of weapons and warned of an impending third World War.
In response to Biden’s reminder that Trump’s former chief of staff, John Kelly, said Trump called dead military veterans “suckers” and “losers,” Trump denied the accusation and insulted Kelly, calling him “the dumbest of them all” and “a lost soul.”
Meanwhile, at a competing rally in North Carolina, Biden attempted to reframe his debate performance, admitting that he is not as young or as skilled in debating as he once was. However, he emphasized his commitment to telling the truth, distinguishing right from wrong, and executing the duties of the presidency.

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