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This is the best town to visit right now in US


In a comprehensive exploration of the United States, CNN has released its list of the best towns in America for 2024, showcasing destinations that offer unique charm, cultural richness, and exceptional quality of life. These towns, selected for their distinct character and appeal, provide a glimpse into the diverse fabric of American small-town living.
The annual list serves as a guide for travelers seeking to explore the hidden gems of the United States.
In selecting the best towns, CNN considered various factors, including scenic beauty, historical significance, cultural vibrancy, and quality of life. The chosen towns reflect a diverse array of locations across the country, each offering something special for residents and visitors alike.
Here is the list of 10 best US cities to visit right now
1. Richmond, Rhode Island
2. Providence, Rhode Island
3. Tacoma, Washington
4. Portland, Maine
5. San Luis Obispo, California
6. Flagstaff, Arizona
7. Macon, Georgia
8. Grand Rapids, Michigan
9. Knoxville, Tennessee
10. Duluth, Minnesota
Apart from the list, one of the featured towns is Beaufort, South Carolina, praised for its “stunning waterfront views, historic architecture, and vibrant arts scene.” According to the report, Beaufort stands out as a quintessential Southern town with a rich history and a welcoming atmosphere.
The town of Bend, Oregon, also made the list, celebrated for its outdoor recreational opportunities and lively downtown area. “Bend is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts,” CNN noted, emphasizing the town’s access to hiking, skiing, and water sports.
Asheville, North Carolina, received accolades for its cultural offerings and culinary delights. The report highlighted Asheville’s thriving arts community and its reputation as a food lover’s haven. “Asheville is a city that blends creativity with natural beauty,” CNN stated.
Other towns that earned a spot on the list include Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, known for its picturesque scenery and charming boutiques, and Stowe, Vermont, recognized for its scenic landscapes and winter sports facilities.

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