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Russia outlines plan to overthrow US-led world order


In a revealing interview with Newsweek, Anatoly Antonov, Russia‘s top diplomat in the United States, has provided an in-depth look into the Kremlin’s strategy to reshape the global order. This ambitious plan aims to challenge and ultimately dismantle the current US-led system, advocating for a more balanced and equitable distribution of power among nations.
Antonov outlined Moscow’s vision for a multipolar world where no single nation or bloc dominates. He criticized the current world order, which he described as heavily influenced by Western ideologies and controlled primarily by the United States and its allies. “The Western-centric world order is crumbling,” Antonov declared. “We see the necessity of forming a multipolar world order, one that respects the sovereignty and the cultural and civilizational identity of every country.”
The ambassador highlighted several key points in Russia’s strategy:
Dissatisfaction with the current system: Antonov argued that the existing world order is outdated and serves the interests of a few powerful nations at the expense of many others. He emphasized that this system has led to numerous conflicts and crises around the world, citing examples of economic sanctions and military interventions.
Rise of new powers: Antonov pointed to the growing influence of emerging powers such as China, India, and Brazil. He noted that these countries, along with Russia, are becoming more assertive on the international stage, challenging the dominance of the US and its Western allies. “The multipolar world is already being formed,” he said, “with new centers of power emerging and gaining strength.”
Respect for sovereignty and identity: A cornerstone of Russia’s proposed new world order is the respect for the sovereignty and cultural identities of all nations. Antonov stressed that the current system often imposes Western values and norms on other countries, leading to resistance and conflict. He called for a more inclusive approach that acknowledges and respects the diversity of cultures and political systems.
Diplomatic solutions and partnerships: Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the resulting sanctions imposed on Moscow, Antonov expressed optimism about Russia’s future and its role in the global arena. He emphasized Russia’s commitment to pursuing diplomatic solutions and building partnerships based on mutual respect and non-interference. “We are open to dialogue and cooperation with all countries willing to respect our interests,” he stated.
Broader strategic goals: Antonov’s remarks reflect a broader strategic objective of the Russian government under President Vladimir Putin. The goal is to dismantle the unipolar world order and replace it with a system where multiple powers coexist and cooperate. Putin has repeatedly called for a more balanced and fair international system, and Antonov’s statements align with this vision.
The ambassador’s comments highlight the significant geopolitical shifts currently underway. As nations like China and India rise in influence, the traditional power structures dominated by the West are being challenged. Russia’s push for a multipolar world represents a fundamental change in the global order, one that could lead to increased stability and cooperation if successful.

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