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Rain eases Mexico wildfires, now sparks flash flood warnings


NEW DELHI: Days after calming down the blazing wildfires in Mexico, the rainy weather has turned out to be another sorrow as the affected areas are now being warned about the flash floods.
The South Fork and Salt Fires, which spread rapidly over four days, were initially contained by the downpour. However, the affected areas now face the threat of flooding.
According to USA Today, the weather forecast service has issued a flash flood emergency for Ruidoso and Ruidoso Downs due to the intense rainfall following the wildfires.The heavy rain, while beneficial in quelling the fires, has stripped vegetation and loosened soil, increasing the risk of floods as there is less natural material to absorb the rainwater.
While the rains helped to extinguish the fires, they have also exposed the residents of Ruidoso to new hazards. Rescue operations are ongoing, with authorities urging residents to move to higher ground to avoid potential flooding. Despite the flood risks, the rain’s role in halting the fire’s spread has been crucial in preventing further destruction.
The fires, which began spreading rapidly on Monday morning in the Village of Ruidoso and Ruidoso Downs, prompted an extensive response involving more than 1,000 personnel. Officials have reported that approximately 14,000 structures were destroyed by the fires, with two fatalities confirmed in the affected areas.
In response to the disaster, US President Joe Biden approved federal funding for recovery efforts on Thursday. This support will assist residents in rebuilding their homes and offer them the opportunity to apply for loans to cover property losses and other essential needs.

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