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Prosecutor Labelled Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims As Drug Addicts, Transcript Reveals


Prosecutor Labelled Epstein's Victims As Drug Addicts, Transcript Reveals

Jeffrey Epstein abused several underage girls from 1996 to 2008 at his Palm Beach mansion.

At least two girls molested by Jeffrey Epstein were labelled prostitutes, drug addicts, thieves and liars by a Palm Beach County prosecutor, according to a newly released grand jury transcript from 2006. These documents were unsealed by Judge Luis Delgado after 16 years, following legal actions by various media outlets. 

The prosecutors questioned the victims about prostitution and whether they might bear any responsibility despite Epstein being the accused in the case. The two girls were also asked about their drug and alcohol use, body piercings and postings on their MySpace accounts.

Epstein, a financier, abused several underage girls from 1996 to 2008 at his Palm Beach mansion. Despite serious allegations, he was only charged with minor prostitution and solicitation.

Detective Joseph Recarey, who led the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein, testified before the grand jury at the time. The investigation began after a 14-year-old girl’s stepmother reported her daughter was paid $300 to massage an older man on Palm Beach Island, he said, as per ABC News.

The girl, then 15, testified she had gone to Epstein’s mansion, where she was asked to strip to her underwear and massage him. She also alleged that Epstein used a vibrator on her and paid her an extra $100. She admitted to lying about her age, telling Epstein she was 18. Her parents discovered her trip to Epstein’s after finding the money in her purse.

Prosecutors then questioned the 15-year-old girl about her personal life, asking about her drug and alcohol use, body piercings and social media posts. They asked about her MySpace page, where she had joked about shoplifting, lied about her age and income and claimed to make $250,000.

The girl acknowledged that these were just jokes and that her friends did the same. A juror asked if she knew her actions were wrong, and she replied, “Yeah, I did.”

Prosecutor Lanna Belohlavek asked if she was “aware” that she had committed a crime, to which she replied that she didn’t know it was a crime at the time, but later realised it might be considered “prostitution or something like that.” 

The witness’s attorney, Spencer Kuvin, found this exchange appalling but not surprising, stating that the prosecution’s focus on discrediting the witnesses rather than prosecuting Epstein revealed their fear of taking on the case.  

Detective Recarey testified that one victim visited Epstein’s mansion over 100 times, receiving $200 each time and gifts, including a rented car. On one occasion, Epstein had non-consensual intercourse with her, despite her “screaming ‘no’”. 

However, the prosecutor, Laana Belohlavek, focused on the victim’s earnings, asking the detective if she had been asked what she did with the money. The detective said the victim had declined to answer, saying it was “too personal.”

The second victim, who visited Epstein’s mansion 10 times starting at age 16, said he knew her age “from the very beginning.” The victim testified that Epstein’s sexual advances gradually increased over time until he initiated intercourse with her on the day before her 18th birthday. She stated that she didn’t want to have intercourse but didn’t ask him to stop.  

The prosecutor questioned her about committing prostitution, and she replied “Yes”. 

Epstein was indicted on one charge of solicitation of prostitution, arrested, and released on bond. The Palm Beach Police Chief was incensed and turned the case over to the FBI. Epstein later pleaded guilty to the original charge and an additional charge of soliciting a minor, serving 13 months in a private wing of the county stockade with liberal work release. Following investigative reports in 2018, Epstein was re-arrested in 2019 on sex trafficking charges but died in custody; ruled a suicide.

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