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Pride March 2024: Pride March, events could be targets of violence, warns NYPD


The New York Police Department’s Intel Bureau warned that the weekend’s Pride March and other Pride events could be targets for violence. “LGBTQIA+ community remains a high priority target for violent extremists and malicious actors across the ideological spectrum, necessitating elevated vigilance during the Pride March and the other Pride-related events across New York City,” according to the NYPD.
The origin of the Pride March dates back to 1970, one year after the Stonewall Uprising.This year marks 55 years since the uprising and 40 years since Heritage of Pride became the official march organizers.
Pro-Palestinian activists have disrupted pride parades held in Boston, Denver, and Philadelphia. Several groups participating in marches Sunday said they would seek to center the victims of the war in Gaza, spurring pushback from supporters of Israel.
“It is certainly a more active presence this year in terms of protest at Pride events,” said Sandra Pérez, the executive director of NYC Pride. “But we were born out of a protest.”
Amid strict vigil, the 2024 Pride March starts at25th Street and Fifth Avenue near Madison Square Park in Manhattan. It then marches down Fifth Avenue, turns west onto 8th Street and continues on Christopher Street, where it passes by the Stonewall National Monument.
It then heads north on 7th Avenue, passing by the New York City AIDS Memorial, before ending at 16th Street.
This year’s theme is “Reflect. Empower. Unite,” focusing on individuals, community leaders, advocates and allies coming together for “Queer liberation and joy.”

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