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Polling expert Nate Silver predicts high chances for Donald Trump win in 2024 presidential polls


Polling and data expert Nate Silver has released his first forecast for the 2024 presidential election, predicting a strong chance of victory for former President Donald Trump. According to Silver’s model, which simulated 40,000 scenarios, Trump has a 65.7% chance of winning the Electoral College, while President Joe Biden holds a 33.7% chance. This prediction suggests a significant advantage for Trump, despite Biden being slightly favored to win the popular vote.
Silver, known for his accurate predictions in previous elections, emphasized that his model adjusts for various factors, including whether polls are conducted among registered or likely voters, the presence of Robert F Kennedy Jr, and specific biases in polling data.He noted that Biden, who recently hit an all-time low in approval ratings at 37.4%, still has time to turn the race around. Silver even suggested that Biden consider stepping aside for another candidate at the Democratic convention, though he acknowledged this could also be a risky move.
In his analysis, Silver pointed out that if the gap between the Electoral College and popular vote mirrors the 2016 or 2020 elections, Biden could face significant challenges if the popular vote is closely contested. While he admitted that Biden is not far behind, Silver stressed that the race is not a toss-up and that claiming it is would be misleading.
Silver’s previous forecasts have been notable for their accuracy, including correctly predicting the outcome of every state in the 2012 Obama-Romney election and giving Trump a reasonable chance of winning in 2016. His 2020 forecast heavily favored Biden, who ultimately won the presidency.
Silver’s latest forecast raises important questions about the strategies and decisions the Democratic Party might consider as the election approaches, highlighting the critical nature of the upcoming election.
Silver’s current prediction contrasts with the outlook of FiveThirtyEight, the company he founded, which currently gives Biden a 51% chance of winning the election.
Additionally, a recent Quinnipiac University poll of registered voters shows Trump leading Biden by four percentage points, 49% to 45%. This marks a shift from the previous month’s poll, where Biden led by one point. In a broader six-way matchup, Trump’s lead increases to six points, with 43% of the vote compared to Biden’s 37%. Independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr holds 11%, with other third-party candidates collectively receiving smaller percentages.
Trump and Biden are scheduled to participate in the first debate of the general election season in Atlanta. The debate comes at a critical time, with significant voter interest; 73% of voters indicated they plan to tune in. However, only a small fraction of voters for each candidate expressed openness to changing their voting preference based on the debate.
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