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Philanthropist Melinda French Gates voices support for Biden in US election


Melinda French Gates, the former spouse of Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates and a prominent American philanthropist, publicly endorsed President Joe Biden for the upcoming US in November on Thursday. In her statement on X, she emphasized Biden’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by women and families, making him the best candidate for their interests.
“I’ve never endorsed a presidential candidate before.But this year’s election stands to be so enormously consequential for women and families that, this time, I can’t stay quiet,” she said on X.
French Gates highlighted the importance of having a leader who prioritizes women’s safety, health, economic power, reproductive rights, and their ability to actively participate in a thriving democracy. She stressed that these issues are of utmost significance for women.
Comparing Biden to his Republican rival, Donald Trump, French Gates noted the stark differences between the two candidates and the high stakes involved in this election. She expressed her unwavering support for Biden, stating, “I will be voting for President Biden.”
Since the conservative-leaning Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in 2021, which had previously established abortion as a constitutionally protected right, reproductive rights have become a powerful political tool for Democrats.
Extensive polling indicates that a significant majority of Americans believe abortion should be legal in most circumstances, and approximately half of the states have implemented measures to safeguard access to abortion.
Throughout the election campaign, the issue of reproductive rights has been a central focus. Biden has consistently supported women’s right to choose, while Trump has refrained from taking a definitive stance on the matter, instead expressing pride in his appointment of three justices who played a role in overturning Roe v. Wade.
In May, French Gates announced her intention to utilize her substantial fortune of $12.5 billion to support women and families, with an initial contribution of $1 billion. She attributed her decision to dedicate herself to defending women’s rights to the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion.

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