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Pakistan woman leader’s video viral: ‘Why don’t you make eye contact’


Pakistani leader, former minister in Imran Khan’s cabinet, Zartaj Gul has stirred a row in the Assembly as she asked the Speaker to not avoid eye contact as she spoke. The video of the recent conversation went viral as Zartaj appealed the Speaker to wear his glasses and then look at her. Pakistani media shared the video of the proceedings that took place recently.
“My party leaders have taught me to speak looking into the eyes.I can’t continue speaking if you avoid eye contact like this. Wear your glasses, sir,” Zartaj Gul told Speaker Ayaz Sadiq. “I am a leader. I have got 1.5 lakh votes. If you don’t listen to me, I will not be able to speak to you,” Zartaj Gul said.
“I will listen but will not make eye contact as making eye contact with a woman does not look good,” the Speaker said.

“If you ignore 52% women like this, then only selected people will come here,” Zartaj Gul said. The Speaker said he does not look into the eyes of women.
Zartaj Gul is a Pakistani politician who served as Minister of State for Climate Change, in Imran Khan ministry from 5 October 2018 until 10 April 2022 when Imran Khan was ousted by a no-confidence motion. She remained a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan between August 2018 and January 2023. In 2024, Zartaj Gul got re-elected in 2024 from Dera Ghazi.

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