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Pakistan woman, daughter bricked into wall by relatives


A woman and her teenage daughter in Pakistan were allegedly bricked into a wall by their relatives following a property dispute, as reported by ARY News.
The woman recounted the harrowing experience, saying that her brother-in-law, Suhail, and his sons had confined them inside a room before sealing them in by constructing a wall outside. The victim further alleged that Suhail had been harassing them and was in possession of critical documents related to their house.
The incident occurred in Hyderabad’s Latifabad No 5 area, and the victims were rescued by the police and neighbours who broke down the wall.
The police have registered a case against the accused, and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dr Farrukh Linjar assured that legal action would be taken against those responsible for this heinous act of confinement.
In a separate incident on May 24, at least five people lost their lives in a property dispute in the Chamkani area of Peshawar, as reported by police sources. The violence erupted when two factions engaged in a shootout, resulting in the casualties. The police have filed an FIR, noting that the conflict had been ongoing between the groups for an extended period.
Local officials are currently working on revising legislation to deter unauthorized building projects and tackle personal feuds that result in such aggressive occurrences. They are also advocating for improved enforcement of ownership rights and more effective conflict resolution mechanisms to prevent comparable catastrophes from happening again.

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