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‘No longer has mental acuity’: Billionaire Bill Ackman shifts blame from Joe Biden to First Lady


Billionaire investor Bill Ackman has voiced strong criticism of First Lady Jill Biden in a provocative tweet, accusing her of prioritizing her personal interests over the health and well-being of her husband, President Joe Biden, and the security of the nation. Ackman, in his tweet, asserted that the President’s mental sharpness has deteriorated to such an extent that he is incapable of making crucial decisions concerning his own well-being.
“I no longer blame US President Biden for not stepping aside. He no longer has the mental acuity to make important judgments about himself,” Ackman wrote.
Instead, Ackman placed the responsibility on the First Lady, suggesting that her attachment to the perks of her position is influencing her decisions. “It is becoming increasingly clear however that the fault lies with @FLOTUS Jill Biden. FL Jill Biden becomes irrelevant the moment her husband is no longer president. No more Air Force One. No more glamorous life. No more White House dinners for dignitaries. No more being treated like a queen when traveling the world,” he continued in the post.
Ackman accused First Lady Jill Biden of valuing her lifestyle over the president’s health and the country’s safety. “I am sorry to be harsh, but what has become entirely clear is that the First Lady values what is best for herself over her husband’s health and the safety and security of the country at large. Stress is a contributor to neurological deterioration and the doctors must have told her so. Think about how much stress she is putting Biden under by making him continue,” he said.
Ackman also pointed out how Jill Biden’s behavior during public appearances highlights her dominant role, treating the president like an infant or an old man and getting the crowd excited at events.

The tweet suggested that Jill Biden’s influence has grown as President Biden’s health has seemingly declined. “Her power has clearly grown as he gets weaker. And she likes the feeling of power. She speaks for the president when he can’t or when he is napping. She tells his team and staff when he is available, and when he is not. She likes being in control. We all do,” Ackman tweeted.
He added that Jill Biden is destroying her own legacy along with the president’s. ‘Perhaps she didn’t understand what ‘in sickness and in health’ meant,’ he said ending the post.
Ackman’s remarks have ignited a heated debate on social media, with supporters and critics of Biden voicing on the matter. The White House has not yet issued a response to Ackman’s statements.
US President Joe Biden’s underwhelming showing in the recent debate against his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, has sparked disapproval from various Democratic stakeholders. including party supporters, financial contributors, and both past and present staff members. Trump persistently reiterated overt untruths throughout the debate, most notably his assertions of victory in the 2020 presidential race. However, Biden was unable to adequately refute these claims, prompting concerns among his allies.
As a result, some are urging the president to reevaluate his decision to seek reelection, while others are calling for a shake-up within his inner circle of advisors.

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