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News TV host Joy Reid, accused of ‘stealing’ Trump’s hairstyle, shaves her head


Joy Reid, a prominent Black conservative journalist known for her distinctive bleach-blond combover hairstyle, has often been compared to former US President Donald Trump due to their similar haircuts. Recently, Reid responded to ongoing comparisons and criticisms by shaving her head and dyeing it blonde.
She unveiled this bold transformation on her MSNBC program “The ReidOut,” humorously referring to it as embracing a “hair-free summer.”
The similarity peaked recently when Reid was approached by Real America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam upon entering a New York City courtroom.Trump was standing trial for allegedly purchasing the silence of adult film star Stormy Daniels about their affair ahead of the 2016 election.
Meanwhile, the loyal viewers of Joy Ann Reid’s “The ReidOut” on MSNBC are well-acquainted with the host’s incisive commentary, no-holds-barred interviews, and winking sense of humor. They’ve also grown accustomed to her dramatic hair changes. Since the show’s launch, Reid has showcased an array of styles, reflecting the versatility of many Black women. Her looks have ranged from a wavy auburn bob to Senegalese twists to multi-toned braided updos, and most recently, a blonde pixie cut.
“I think that Black women have come into our own in every aspect, insisting that we will be ourselves, including in the way we wear our hair,” Reid told theGrio’s Eboni K Williams soon after launching her primetime show in 2020 (per Forbes). “There’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to embrace our hair as it is, or how we reimagine it, and it’s an affirmation of our full arrival as citizens and cultural leaders. And yes, our natural hair is a political statement,” said Reid.
On Monday, the acclaimed journalist made yet another major statement, debuting a platinum blonde buzz cut.
“It’s #HairFreeSummer, everybody! Enjoy it!” Reid proclaimed from the set of her show in an Instagram post that included the hashtags “#BlondeAndBougie” and “#BlondesHaveMoreJoy.” Another post added, “That thing when you debut a dramatic new look on the TV,” documenting the anticipation and crediting Maryland salon Koiled & Coiffed for the transformation.
The decision to change her hairstyle garnered mixed reactions online. Some commentators mocked her previous hairstyle, while others questioned the sudden and dramatic change. Despite the criticisms, Reid’s move demonstrated her willingness to redefine her public image and assert her individuality in the face of ongoing comparisons to Trump’s iconic hairstyle.

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