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New Jersey Gamer Flies To Florida To Attack Online Rival With Hammer


New Jersey Gamer Flies To Florida To Attack Online Rival With Hammer

Edward Kang attacked his opponent after losing in a mediaeval fantasy multiplayer online game

An online gaming rivalry turned violent when a 20-year-old man travelled from New Jersey to Florida and assaulted another player with a hammer. Despite never having met in person, Edward Kang reached Fernandina Beach on Sunday and allegedly attacked the victim, the police said.

Kang now faces serious charges, including attempted second-degree murder and armed burglary with a mask, according to court records from Nassau County. 

In a press conference, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said that Kang and the victim – also around the same age – played ArcheAge, a mediaeval fantasy multiplayer online role-playing game. The Sheriff called the case a “weird one.”

“Some things you just can’t make up,” he added.

Kang flew from New Jersey to Florida, telling his mom he was visiting a friend he met online, reported authorities. After landing, Kang purchased a hammer from a local hardware store before heading to the victim’s house, which was reportedly left unlocked. 

Kang confronted the victim inside the home around 2 am and hit him on the head with the hammer. The victim suffered multiple head wounds but managed to call for help. As the victim struggled with Kang, his stepfather intervened and helped restrain the attacker until police arrived at the scene.

The victim survived the assault and received medical treatment for his injuries, described as serious but not life-threatening, reported ABC News.

In custody, Kang called the victim a “bad person online”. He asked deputies how much jail time he would get for breaking and assault. An official replied, “It’s going to be long before you play video games again.”

Kang is being held without bond and does not have an attorney listed.

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