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Melania Trump: Melania Trump spotted outside Trump Tower, first time after skipping debate


Melania Trump was spotted in New York outside Trump Tower Monday, for the first time after skipping husband’s first presidential debate on June 27. Reports that she won’t be returning to the White House for a full time role if Trump becomes the President again surfaced making Melania most sought-after amid this election season. She has remained elusive as far as campaigning for her husband is concerned.On July 8, she is supposed to attend a fundraiser for Log Cabin Republicans — the largest conservative LGBTQ+ organization.
Monday she was clicked wearing green pants, a black jacket and carrying a large black Louis Vuitton bag.
Why all eyes are on Melania Trump
All eyes are on Melania Trump as she is nowhere to be seen at Trump’s campaign. She also missed the presidential debate. This was not the scene in 2016 and 2020. Reports claim Melania has made a deal with Trump that if he wins the presidency, she will not be the 24X7 first lady, She will be in the White House only on occasions — and the rest of the time she will spend with their son Barron Trump who may join New York University in the fall.
“Barron has never been completely on his own before — and with the added stress of him being both a freshman in college and potentially the son of a president in a predominantly Democratic city, Melania wants to be close… The added attention he’ll get if his father is president worries Melania who is also concerned about reaction at his school over Barron’s ever-present Secret Service detail,” an insider said.
Melania, in fact, did not allow Baron to be a delegate for Florida. “While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments,” Melania’s office issued a statement earlier indicating that she was not keen on her son getting involved in politics now.

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