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Meet Wild Thang: Winner of world’s ugliest dog contest


An 8-year-old Pekingese Wild Thang emerged victorious in the World’s Ugliest Dog 2024 contest held in Petaluma, California, on June 21. The competition, which took place during the Sonoma-Marin Fair, featured eight participants, most of whom were rescued from shelters before finding their permanent homes.
According to Sky news, the animal has competed in the contest five times, coming second three times before finally taking the top prize this year.Wild Thang, originally from Los Angeles, recently moved to North Bend, Oregon, to enjoy his retirement.
Wild Thang’s distinctive appearance is the result of a bout with canine distemper when he was just 10 weeks old. The illness stunted the growth of his teeth, causing his tongue to protrude, and led to a muscular disorder affecting one of his legs.
The World’s Ugliest Dog competition, now in its nearly 50th year, “celebrates the imperfections that make all dogs special and unique,” as stated on its website.
According to the website, the event’s purpose is not to ridicule “ugly dogs” but rather to enjoy the company of these wonderful characters and demonstrate to the world that these dogs are truly beautiful.

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