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Joe Biden – US President Who Is Seeking A Second Term At 81


Joe Biden - US President Who Is Seeking A Second Term At 81

Joe Biden spent 36 years in the Senate.


On June 27 Americans will tune in to the first debate of the 2024 US election — a highly anticipated showdown between President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump.

The televised face-off comes just four months ahead of the November vote, with the candidates running neck and neck in the polls, each vying for a second term.

Here are some of the major biographical details to know about Biden, a Democrat and Washington veteran, ahead of Thursday’s big event.

– Political experience –

Mr Biden is no stranger to Washington. The 81-year-old longtime politician served as vice president under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017.

Before that, he spent 36 years in the Senate. He was first elected by Delaware voters at age 29, making him one of the youngest senators ever.

– Family and religion –

Mr Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1942 and is the eldest of four children. The Democrat often alludes to his Irish-American, middle-class upbringing.

His father worked a number of different jobs, and while his family was not poor, they did experience financial setbacks.

On the religion front, Mr Biden is a devout Catholic who attends mass regularly, but he nonetheless supports abortion rights.

A family man, Mr Biden has been quick to proclaim his love and support for his son Hunter, who was recently convicted on charges stemming from his purchase of a handgun while addicted to crack cocaine.

The president is sometimes referred to as the “mourner-in-chief” for appearing empathetic with constituents during times of tragedy.

His own life has been marked by multiple sorrows. He lost his first wife Neilia and their young daughter Naomi in a car accident in 1972. Hunter along with Mr Biden’s other son Beau were also injured in that accident.

Beau then died of cancer in 2015.

Mr Biden has been married to First Lady Jill Biden since 1977. In addition to raising Beau and Hunter, the couple has a daughter, Ashley.

– Wealth –

While Mr Biden is not a billionaire like his Republican rival Trump, he is still rich.

Biden’s fortunes are estimated at around $10 million, largely thanks to two homes the family owns in Delaware, according to Forbes magazine.

– Vibe –

Mr Biden is not a profound orator nor does he draw an ecstatic response from his supporters like Trump. Yet he is known for a certain stubborn determination, and cultivates an image of empathy.

The latter trait has recently been tainted, however, by US support for Israel in the war in Gaza, particularly among younger and Arab-Americans.

Mr Biden’s advanced years and his increasingly stiff gait have played into Republican taunting and public concern about his age.

– Legal woes –

Mr Biden was cleared early this year of any wrongdoing after keeping classified documents at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

However in a shock for his campaign, a report from the special counsel overseeing the matter said Biden came across as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” a line that Democrats dismissed but Republicans pounced on.

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