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Joe Biden Latest News: Watch: Joe Biden half-jogs in North Carolina, ‘extreme vigor,’ mocks Trump camp


President Joe Biden‘s age and health were the two major issues that emerged from the 90-minute long CNN debate, the first between Biden and Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Biden appeared lost and incoherent disappointing even Democrats while video emerged of him being led by Jill Biden off the stage after the debate concluded.
Biden started his Friday holding a campaign rally in North Carolina where he was seen half-jogging — as an attempt to allay fears over his health condition.The Trump camp mocked Biden and called his enthusiasm ‘extreme vigor’.

Concerns over Biden’s health condition became loud after the debate as Biden was coughing throughout and his voice was hoarse. White House officials said he caught a cold.
During the debate, Trump challenged Biden to take a cognitive test and said he aced two such tests. “I took two tests, cognitive tests. I aced them, both of them, as you know, we made it public. He took none. I’d like to see him take one, just one, a real easy one, like go through the first five questions. He couldn’t do it,” Trump said.
At the North Carolina rally, Biden admitted he doesn’t debate as well he used to but he can still do the job. Biden said he intends to win this election.
A new poll after the debate showed 82% of respondents were of the opinion that Biden should not run for re-election while just 18% said Biden should keep campaigning. Biden has also not hinted at any possibility of opting out of the contest but vowed to come back to the September debate.

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