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Joe Biden: ‘If Biden is awake’: White House briefing turns into debate on President’s cold, nap time. Watch


The White House briefing Wednesday saw a major firefighting on part of press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defending President Joe Biden‘s dismal debate and the aftermath. The press briefing came on the back of intense speculations over Biden option out of the race, Kamala Harris’ approval rate soaring, both making a joint appearance and the White House asserting that Biden is not opting out — all in a day.
‘Was Biden jet-lagged during the debate?’
Karine was asked whether Biden was jet-lagged because his international trip was almost a week and a half ago. The press secretary said Biden already spoke about the debate in front of his supporters and he owned that the debate was not his best night. In addition to two major trips, Biden was doing his presidential duties, debate preparation and he had a cold and jet lag, the press secretary said.
“The president travels six time zones forward to G7 in Italy, 9 time zones back to LA and 3 time zones forward again to DC…and on top of that he did have a cold…we certainly don’t want to explain that away,” she said.
‘What does president do apart beyond 10 to 4’
Based on reports that Biden is prone to gaffes beyond the 10-4 window, the press secretary Wednesday was asked about Biden’s schedule outside that specific time period. “Well, you heard him speak to supporters yesterday outside 4 pm. You saw the president landing in North Carolina in the middle of the night. He was greeting hundreds of supporters…so he’s been pretty much out there after 4 pm and before 10 am, for sure,” she said.
“Let me be very clear about this. This is a president that wakes up every morning and puts the American people first. That’s what he does. He does that every single day,” Karine told on being asked about President’s nap time.
‘Have you had a cold before,’ Karine darted to a reporter who asked her to explain how Biden was tired during the debate but delivered the next day during the campaigning.
Things happen when you keep working pushing through jet lag and cold, she said. “We didn’t share the information that he had a cold ahead of the debate. We did not use that,” the press secretary said.

‘If he is awake…’
During the press briefing, a correspondent said they would like to invite the President to come and address them. “Noted,” the press secretary said. “If he is awake,” another correspondent said. “That’s inappropriate,” said a colleague which the press secretary commended.
This sleep controversy began as Biden himself admitted Tuesday that he nearly fell asleep during the debate as he was exhausted after going around the world a couple of times.

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