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Iran warns of ‘obliterating war’ if Israel starts offensive in Lebanon


Iran has threatened an “obliterating war” if Israel launches a full-scale attack in Lebanon, as diplomats work to prevent tensions between Israel and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, which is backed by Tehran, from escalating into an all-out conflict.
In a post on X, Iran’s mission to the United Nations said “all options”, including the involvement of Iran-backed armed groups across West Asia, “are on the table”.Chief among those groups is Hezbollah, a powerful militia in Lebanon. At the same time, Iran dismissed warnings that Israel could invade Lebanon as “psychological warfare”.
Enemies for decades, Israel and Hezbollah have frequently exchanged fire along Israel’s northern border. Since Gaza war began last Oct, the cross-border strikes have intensified. Israeli officials have warned for months that Israel might invade Lebanon if Hezbollah did not pull its forces back from the border area. Hezbollah has also threatened to launch an incursion into Israel.
US, Europe warn Hezbollah to ease strikes on Israel
US and European officials are delivering warnings to Hezbollah, which is far stronger than Hamas but seen as overconfident, about taking on the military might of Israel. They are warning the group should not count on the US or anyone else being able to hold off Israel if it decides to launch an offensive into Lebanon.
UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths used the word “apocalyptic” to describe a war that could result. Hezbollah holds an estimated arsenal of some 150,000 rockets and missiles capable of striking anywhere in Israel. Israel, meanwhile, has pledged to unleash Gaza-like scenes of devastation on Lebanon.

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