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Indian economist N K Singh is conferred honorary fellowship by LSE


LONDON: Indian policymaker and economist N K Singh was awarded an honorary fellowship by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) at a ceremony in London on Wednesday night.
Singh (83) joins Sir Karl Popper, Amartya Sen and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and others who have been recognised with this award.
Singh said: “It is a humbling moment for me considering the stature of many of my predecessors.The LSE has been a centre of academic and intellectual excellence since the year of its inception in 1895. The India-LSE relationship has been intensive and inquisitive. Both have benefitted from the exchange of ideas. In many ways, it has been integral to our contemporary history. After all, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, popularly regarded as the father of the Indian Constitution, was also an alumnus of LSE.”
He then went on to talk about the dawn of the Indian era. “The so-called Washington Consensus has boosted growth in many countries but resulting in inequality and an ever more fractured and dissatisfied populace,” he said. “An alternative is provided by China, which has achieved great success with material growth but only by imposing a monolithic political system that few countries wish to emulate. The European model doesn’t have fast enough growth to appeal to many developing countries.”
He explained that India offers not a third way but a new way: a growth model based on leapfrogging technology, harnessing its resource potential, digitising public services, aligning agricultural practices towards sustainable goals, adapting pedagogy to changing demand patterns, and using technology to improve health outcomes.
“As a nation that was integral to the non-aligned movementand a founding member of BRICS, India has a deep understanding of geopolitics. Our experience in navigating the intricacies of international relations has earned us a reputation as a skilful navigator, adept at balancing competing interest and forging strategic partnerships. As we seek to carve out a more meaningful role for the Global South, we find ourselves in a unique position to shape the global narrative,” he added.
The awarding of an honorary fellowship acknowledges and celebrates those who have made an exceptional contribution to LSE and its global community and who have gone above and beyond reasonable expectations over a sustained period.
Singh has been at the centre of policymaking in India and was part of the core group of civil servants and leaders involved in India’s economic reforms of 1991, which transformed India’s economy. He was actively involved in major structural and macroeconomic reforms thereafter as secretary to the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and as secretary in various departments in the ministry of finance.
He is currently co-convenor of the high-level expert group for reform of multilateral development banks formed by the G20 and president of the Institute of Economic Growth. Prior to this, he was also chairman of the 15th Finance Commission and a Rajya Sabha member.
Throughout his career, Singh has had a long-standing and committed relationship with LSE and is the co-chair of LSE’s India advisory board.

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