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Icon of the seas: Fire breaks out on world’s largest cruise ship


A fire broke out on the world’s largest cruise ship, Icon on the Seas, while it wasdocked in Mexico, on Tuesday, USA Today reported.
According to a Royal Caribbean spokesman who spoke to USA Today, no injuries were reported due to the blaze.
The ship experienced a brief power outage, but the backup systems quickly activated, and the main power was restored, as stated by the company.The cause of the fire remains unclear, and details regarding the location of the fire on the massive vessel and any potential damage have not been disclosed.
As per the CruiseMapper, the Icon of the Seas is scheduled to continue its journey to Cozumel, Mexico, on Wednesday. The enormous cruise ship, which embarked on its maiden voyage from Miami in January, is known as “the largest ship in the world.” Spanning 1,200 feet in length, the Icon of the Seas can accommodate up to 5,610 passengers across its 20 decks and is staffed by 2,350 crew members.
The impressive vessel features an array of amenities, including seven pools, with one being touted as the “largest pool at sea,” along with the “world’s largest waterpark at sea,” six waterslides, and nine whirlpools. Beyond the water-based attractions, the Icon of the Seas also offers a rock climbing wall, Royal Caribbean’s inaugural food hall, a beach-themed carousel, an arcade, and a mini-golf course.

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