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Hurricane Beryl, a Category 4 storm, pummels Caribbean islands, eyes Jamaica


Hurricane Beryl has escalated to a powerful Category 4 storm as it sweeps across the southeastern Caribbean, posing a significant threat to Jamaica. The storm, which has already caused extensive damage, including downed power lines and flooded streets on various Caribbean islands, continues to gain strength.
The hurricane is predicted to bring heavy rainfall, potentially leading to flash floods, particularly in Barbados and the Windward Islands, before approaching Jamaica by Wednesday.
Here is all you need to know about Hurricane Beryl:
What is the current status of Hurricane Beryl?

  • Beryl is now a Category 4 hurricane with winds reaching 155 mph (250 km/h). The storm is expected to maintain its intensity as it moves west-northwest at 21 mph, nearing Jamaica by Wednesday.

What regions are currently under threat from Beryl?

  • Jamaica has issued a hurricane warning, and tropical storm warnings are in effect for parts of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The storm is anticipated to bring heavy rain and strong winds across Barbados, the Windward Islands, and other parts of the southeastern Caribbean.

What damage has Beryl already caused?

  • In Bridgetown, Barbados, streets have been flooded, and in St. Vincent, buildings have lost roofs, and power outages have been reported. Grenada experienced widespread power outages, and the storm ripped off doors, windows, and roofs in homes across the region.

How are local residents reacting to the hurricane?

  • In Kingston, Jamaica, some residents, like waiter Welton Anderson, remain calm, stating, “Jamaicans wait until the last minute. The night before or in the morning the panic sets in.” However, preparations are underway across affected areas, with people boarding up windows, stocking up on supplies, and filling their vehicles with fuel.

What are the preparations in Mexico for Beryl’s arrival?

  • Mexican officials are urging extreme caution as they prepare for Beryl’s potential impact later in the week. The government is assessing damages from previous storms and emphasizing the risk of rivers rising due to already saturated basins.
  • What role does climate change play in the intensity of Hurricane Beryl?
  • Scientists attribute the unusual early formation and rapid intensification of Beryl to climate change. Warmer Atlantic waters have contributed to the storm’s strength. “Climate change is loading the dice for more intense hurricanes to form,” said Christopher Rozoff, an atmospheric scientist.

What are experts predicting for this year’s hurricane season?

  • Experts foresee an unusually active hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted an above-normal hurricane season with as many as 25 named storms, 13 of which could become hurricanes.

How have past hurricanes compared to Beryl?

  • Beryl is notable for being the earliest Category 4 storm in the Atlantic. It has broken records previously held by storms like Hurricane Dennis in 2005. The severity and early timing of Beryl mark it as an unprecedented event in the region.

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