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Drone attack damages vessel west of Yemen’s Hodeidah


A drone attack damaged a merchant vessel 65 nautical miles west of Yemen‘s Hodeidah, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) and British security firm Ambrey said on Sunday.
“All crew members are reported safe, and the vessel is proceeding to its next port of call,” UKMTO said in an advisory note.
In a separate note, Ambrey identified the vessel as a “Liberia-flagged fully cellular container ship”, without providing its name.It said no injuries were reported.
Since November, Yemen’s militant Houthi group has been launching drone and missile strikes in shipping lanes, citing solidarity with Palestinians in Israel’s war with Hamas militants in Gaza. In these operations, the Houthis have sunk two vessels, seized another, and killed at least three seafarers.
The Houthi group’s actions have targeted maritime routes, escalating tensions in international waters. The group’s attacks include dozens of incidents involving drones and missiles.
“We are acting in solidarity with the Palestinians,” a spokesperson for the Houthi group stated.
Aside from sinking two vessels, the Houthis managed to seize one additional ship. These attacks have resulted in at least three seafarers losing their lives. The ongoing strikes pose significant risks to maritime security.
Earlier, Houthis, in coordination with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq militant group, claimed to have conducted a joint military operation targeting four ships at Israel’s northern Haifa port.
This attack, which took place on Saturday, aimed at two cement tankers and two cargo ships, was executed using drones, Reuters reported.
In a televised statement early on Sunday, Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Saree detailed the operation.
Saree specifically noted the ships belonged to companies that “violated the ban on entering the ports of occupied Palestine.”

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