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Donald Trump: Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law says Kamala Harris polls as bad as Biden


Donald Trump‘s daughter-in-law and RNC co-chair Lara Trump said the Democrats have a huge problem because if Joe Biden pulls out, then the next option is Kamala Harris who polls just about as bad, if not worse in a lot of cases. Kamala Harris is being discussed as a potential replacement for Biden.
“Millions of Americans came out in those primaries and voted for Joe Biden to be their nominee on the Democrat side.If they decide right here in the 11th hour to plug somebody else in, and it’s not Kamala Harris, I can’t think of a bigger assault to our democratic process than doing just that. But let’s see what they do. Regardless if it’s Joe Biden [or] Kamala Harris, Donald Trump’s polls show us right now that the American people are behind him,” Lara Trump told Fox News.
Donald Trump is doing a better job at leading the nation despite not being in the office, Lara said.
“Donald Trump is the only leader who was on that stage. Donald Trump is the only way we get this country back, and I believe it doesn’t matter if it’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, or, quite frankly, anyone else they put in there,” Lara Trump added.
“We had four years of Donald Trump. We know how secure our borders were. We know how much more money people had in their pockets, how much cheaper it was to go buy gas, how much safer we felt on the world stage when Donald Trump was there, and people want him back in office,” she said.
After the debate, Lara posted on X: “The choice is clear: America needs President Trump back in the White House more than ever. Help him keep the momentum going.”

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