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Biden Dropping Out Of Race: Biden told ally he may not be able to salvage candidacy: Report


President Joe Biden, despite the top Democrats now putting up a brave face publicly following the debate debacle, knows that he may not be able to salvage his candidacy if he cannot convince the public in the coming days he knows how to do the job. And he has told this to a key ally, New York Times reported. The report claimed that White House spokesperson Andrew Bates dismissed the report of Biden mulling to withdraw from the race and said it was “absolutely false”.
Democrats were thrown in the towel after Biden struggled through the first presidential face-off against a forceful Donald Trump on CNN, on June 27. There were public and private calls for a replacement of the candidate coming from the top Democrat donors. Biden attended the scheduled campaigns after the debate and admitted that he can’t debate well now and that he’s aware of his age. The family holed up into Camp Davis the weekend sending out a strong message supported by the family that Biden should not withdraw from the race.
But the ally who confirmed Biden’s dithering to NYT said that the president is still deeply in the fight for re-election. He understands that his next few appearances heading into the holiday weekend — including an interview scheduled for Friday with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News and campaign stops in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — must go well, the report said. “He knows if he has two more events like that, we’re in a different place” by the end of the weekend, said the ally, referring to Biden’s halting and unfocused performance in the debate. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive situation, NYT said.
Blame game
The disastrous debate was followed by an obvious blame game and Biden’s top advisers have been blamed by the family for allowing Biden to go on the debate stage knowing what they should have known the best. The timing of the debate has also been blamed with a narrative that the 81-year-old president functions smoothly between 10 am to 4 pm during the daylight and become prone to gaffes after the sunset. And the CNN interview was at 9 pm.
Kama Harris becomes top choice
The NYT report comes as vice president Kamala Harris emerges as the top choice of the Democrats, according to the latest CNN poll. According to the CNN poll, Trump is ahead of Biden by six points. Kamala Harris is within striking distance of Trump in a hypothetical matchup: 47 per cent of registered voters support Trump, 45 per cent back Harris.
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refrained from directly commenting on the polls.
“I’m constrained to speaking directly to your poll and I get it and I hear the question. I got to be mindful, that is something for the campaign as you started saying, what the campaign has laid out their argument of the case. That is something for them to take up and that is something for them to answer,” she told reporters when asked about it.

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