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Avianca Flight Viral Video: Airline double-books flight, irate passenger says ‘I hope I become famous’ in viral video


A passenger on an Avianca flight from Los Angeles to Bogota was asked to leave the plane that he was double-booked on, New York Post reported citing Colombian media reports. The report claimed that flight attendants had informed him that the flight was oversold but he allegedly bought his ticket three months ahead. “I am a lawyer, you should respect me,” the man said during a fiery exchange on the flight.He also questioned how he could book the ticket if the flight was already oversold. “I paid for it, they deducted it from my card. It seems disrespectful to me that you would sell something you don’t have,” the passenger said.
“And film what you want, I hope I become famous,” the man said as he noticed that his act was being filmed. “You can’t be playing with people’s plans,” he said and later left the plane on his own. According to reports, the passengers applauded as the man left the plane.

As the video went viral, people held the airline responsible for double booking and harassing the man. Social media users asked why was the man even put on the plane if the flight was oversold. Most of the people took the man’s side and said he had every right to be upset. “It should not be legal to sale something you don’t have. The guy bought his tickets months in advance and they took his money at time of purchase. He should be guaranteed a seat,” a user wrote.
“He had every right to be pissed! I hate it when airlines do this. And those people clapping would act the same way of they got all the way to their seat just to be told that they have to get off so someone else can sit there,” another wrote.

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