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Akshata Murty’s Rs 42,000 Dress In Spotlight At Rishi Sunak Farewell Speech


Akshata Murty's Rs 42,000 Dress In Spotlight At Rishi Sunak Farewell Speech

Akshata Murty accompanied Rishi Sunak during his last speech as UK PM.


Akshata Murty stood by her husband Rishi Sunak as he delivered his final speech outside 10 Downing Street following a crushing loss to the Labour Party in the UK elections. While the results and the Conservative Party’s future were the primary topics of discussion, social media couldn’t help but fixate on Ms Murty’s dress. 

Her red, white and blue chevron gown, identified as the 395 pound (Rs 42,000) Lina Dress from designer Omi Na Na, drew significant attention. Comments ranged from the colour scheme to the design, and even to the price tag. Although she was in the background, her outfit sparked speculation, with some wondering if her bold fashion choice – featuring the colours of the UK flag – was a tactical move to make a subtle statement amid the country’s changing political dynamics. 

“Akshata Murty’s dress is absolutely perfect for the occasion. The multi-layered symbolism is *chef’s kiss*,” a user wrote on social media platform X. 

However, not all reactions were positive. Some users speculated whether the dress was a deliberate distraction from Mr Sunak’s speech. 

One user wondered, “a deliberate attempt to distract from Sunak’s speech,” while another echoed this sentiment, saying, “Akshata desperately trying to draw the attention away from her husband in her awful dress”.

Others appreciated the dress, calling it “pretty stylish and fun,” and “beautiful” .

Someone joked that “it looked like she was disguising herself as a zebra” while another comment read, “That dress is a distress signal and cry for help” .

The cost of the dress also drew attention, with a user noting, “Akshata Sunak’s dress is 395 pounds which she will no doubt never wear again. That money could feed my whole family for over a month.”

Rishi Sunak holds the distinction of being the richest person to have served as the Prime Minister of the UK. His wife Akshata Murty adds to their financial status as the daughter of Narayana Murthy, the billionaire founder of Infosys. According to the Sunday Times’ 2024 Rich List, the couple’s combined fortune is estimated at an impressive 651 million pounds. This immense wealth makes them the wealthiest inhabitants of 10 Downing Street to date.

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