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6 members of family found dead in landslide in China, severe weather warning extended


NEW DELHI: At least six members of a family were found dead in China’s Fujian province after downpours caused landslides in the area, as reported by local media on Saturday, adding that authorities have extended a warning of more severe weather ahead.
The family had sought refuge in the temple due to its elevated location, but a landslide caused the structure to collapse, resulting in their deaths.This incident adds to the growing number of casualties. The death toll in the neighboring province of Guangdong has reached 47, according to authorities on Friday.
The most intense rainfall occurred from last week Sunday to Tuesday, causing trees to topple and homes to collapse. Authorities have estimated that the damage caused by the extreme weather amounts to billions of dollars.
On Saturday, China’s national meteorological center issued a warning for more severe weather across a wide area of southern provinces, extending the warning from Friday. The warning also includes a few regions in the north. The forecast predicts that Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, and Guizhou provinces will experience hail and intense thunderstorms.
In the northeastern province of Heilongjiang, railway authorities have canceled several trains scheduled to operate over the weekend due to the heavy rain.
Last week, the southern provinces of Fujian and Guangxi were hit by landslides and flooding caused by the heavy downpours. In Guangxi, a student lost their life after falling into a river that had swollen due to the heavy rain.
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